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In spite of its geographical boundaries, the people of both India and Nepal lived as one, from time immemorial. They crossed the boundaries without restriction for business, employment and education. Nepal has a sizeable number of Indians and their contribution in the development of this country is commendable. In 70’s, there was a great demand among the Indian community for quality Indian education of their children. Three of like-minded visionaries with some friends rose to the occasion and took the challenge to start a school with Indian curriculum for the community. Vision when materialized, took the form of Modern Indian School on 1st Mar 1978. The founding fathers of this venture were Shree Radhe Shyam Saraf, Shree M.A. Lari and Sdr Pritam Singh. True to the vision and missionary zeal of these Samaritans, the school had been placed under a non profitable and charitable trust so as to give full justice to the cause of education.

Modern Indian School, operated by the Indian nationals, is a CBSE affiliated school which is situated on Chobhar, Dakshinkali Road. The school is situated in a quiet and peaceful area which assists in providing quality education in a calm and peaceful environment. Recognized by the government of Nepal as a special institute, it has scientifically designed four storied building with more than 60 classrooms and other facilities. It is a co – educational English medium school with an international outlook. The main aim of the school is to provide quality education which helps the student to realize their full potential and enable to face emerging challenges on their way, also to develop the mental physical abilities and necessary skill of pupils, encouraging children to develop their imagination, ability to solve problems, creativity, developing a deep understanding and love for their culture, promoting excellence in the academic and all other areas, to develop discipline among pupils, get adapted with changing environment, etc. To fulfill this aim, the school has highly experienced and motivated faculty who guides the student and create a friendly environment so as they do not hesitate to ask questions and get answers to their queries. The school management conducts student – teacher – parent interaction, feedback system, evaluation, data base management which helps to keep an eye on each student about their progress. Beside this, it conducts tests and examinations as it believes in system of continuous evaluation of students with the observations, class work, homework, etc. The school believes in supplementing practical education through educational trips, trekking and adventure. With the aim of exposing students to international platforms, it provides student exchange facilities and other facilities such as sports, huge library with e – library, computer labs, laboratories, transportation, hostels etc. Modern Indian School has everything required for providing quality education to the students.

December 2019

good school with highly qualified and dedicated tecahers

somil agrawal

Best place to gain education

Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends. Thanks for bringing us all together again. It would be amazing if we could make this an annual event.

Deshbir Singh

When I was in this school... there was no internet no google...... the products of this school have invented the platform we are writing our reviews on ...MIS is an institute.


  • G.P.O. Box No: 1497, Kathmandu, Nepal

  • 014330088, 014330163, 9851211582

  • 01-4331690

  •  [email protected] (PA to Principal)

  • [email protected] (For direct communication with Principal Sir)

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