Nepal Montessori Training Center

Nepal Montessori Training Center

About Nepal Montessori Training Center

Nepal Montessori  Training Centre (NMTC) is founded in 2001 by Ms. Pawitra Limbu (B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed., Diploma in Montessori Method of Education MMI, MCI London) who has a long experience of working in education field as school Principal, Director and teacher trainer. The NMTC is established to serve the society, producing quality trained teachers in Montessori Method of early childhood education. Since its establishment there have been more than five thousands teachers who have taken training in Montessori method of education.

The training centre’s mission ‘ in the best possible service of our future generation’ reflects its importance in foundation years of young children and how initial environment ensures their future. The NMTC maintains the highest standard of Montessori training emphasizing both theory and practical aspect of training. The institution is the first of its kind in the kingdom which specializes in early childhood education in the brand name of Montessori. The experienced, skilled and dedicated team of trainers guided by the Director of Studies, Mrs. Pawitra Limbu has been successful to upgrade and update any changes that is brought in the method. Beside Montessori method trainees are also updated with the contemporary pedagogical practices in early childhood education and development (ECED) to broaden their knowledge and skills.

December 2019