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Himalayan Glacier Trekking

Himalayan Glacier Trekking

About Himalayan Glacier Trekking

In 1992 we established Himalayan Glacier with a mission to provide top rate services for visitors wanting to tour, trek and climb in the Himalayas. For over 20 years we have continued to grow and refine our service and support as a leading adventure tour operator for trekking and climbing in Nepal. We provide international quality support from our head office in Kathmandu, as well as operation staff in Bhutan, Tibet and India, when needed. Additionally, to better support our North American clients we opened up our USA office in 2010. We believe we have a superior team in place to give you a wonderful trekking experience in Nepal.

Absolutely amazing 13 days trip to Annapurna Base Camp! The Glacier team was fully prepared and got me and others on boarded with proper care, got us equipped with all the necessary supplies and they were experienced enough to know the ins and outs of different places. What I liked the most was, although they had their set schedule regarding when and where to stop, they were willing to cater to individuals’ needs from the team. An older lady wasn’t up to the pace so one of the staff stayed back with her and ascended slowly, at the end of the day we met again as we all stopped at the same station for the night. These guys know what they’re doing, absolutely recommend!

Ashaya Dhungana

It’s a wonderful the last ABC scale , where the guide Suresh, Asst guides are so enjoyable and they took so many initiative like trekking earlier to reserve good lodgings pre Order meals as we would be very hungry upon reaching destinations. And many more.

Anba Arasan

I LOVED my experience with Himalayan Glacier Trekking! They had a variety of flexible trip options which worked perfect with my schedule. My guide Gadul was very knowledgeable and I learned so much about Nepal and the culture! धन्यवाद

Jacque Tietjen


Address: Amrit Marga, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: 985-1055684

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