Pho 99

Pho 99

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Authentic Vietnamese restaurant, beautiful ambience, located on second floor w/ view over Lakeside Centerpoint. Great staff, great service. Beautifully decorated in natural wood color furniture, wide open balcony windows are draped with natural bamboo shades, wooden railings, flower plants and beaut… See more Public Transit Local bus service runs through Hallanchowk, so you can catch any buses coming to lakeside

Delicious fresh summer rolls! Lovely restaurant with many vegan options


Pho 99 was a really unexpected surprise! I never would have guessed you could get a good bowl of pho in Nepal, but here I was slurping down some pho just as good as some I’ve had when I lived in Vietnam. The portions are huge and the quality is great. My only complaint would be that I didn’t receive too many greens or bean sprouts, but were in Nepal where I don’t even think they grow the same herbs. Its a dollar or two more than the daal Bhat places around but that’s fine with me. I will definitely come back for some comfort food.

Nickolas Warner

The restaurant is situated in Lakeside. The specialize in Vietnamese cuisine. Food we got was great. They had a live band playing when we went the second time. So the ambience is dependent on what time you go I guess. They have an adorable dog too.

But Bufarate The Mirror


Address: Lakeside, Pokhara 33700
Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 10PM

Phone: 980-2743330