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The Excelsior School

The Excelsior School

Labor et Honor (With hard and honor) meant to instill in the children a love for whatever work they do and the need to maintain their dignity and honor in their dealings with their group .It has been widely recognized that these initial years of the children are among the most important part in the child’s academic development. The Excelsior aims at preparing its children to face life and its challenges.

December 2019

good school with highly qualified and dedicated tecahers

Balaram Thapa

Good location,veteran teachers and well management.

Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends. Thanks for bringing us all together again. It would be amazing if we could make this an annual event.

Arun K Mahara

The Excelsior School is one of the reputed schools based in Kathmandu. Known for its infrastructures and value-based teaching, it's obviously one of the first choices for those looking for investing on their children's quality education. Excellent infrastructures available to accomplish curricular as well as co-curricular needs of students. It's just my wish, if the location could be little away from Ring Road...

About The Excelsior School

The Excelsior School is an award-winning school located in the heart of the city with a pristine and child friendly environment. We strive for quality education at affordable cost by using recent pedagogies so as to attain academic excellence. Our prime focus is on developing knowledgeable, inquiring and caring young people who can help to create a better and more peaceful world. Thus, we strive equipping our young mind with technical, social and academic skills to stand in the global community making significant contributions in creating habitable society. Our academic and extracurricular activities help to enhance students’ attitude and skills to be lifelong learners. In our happy and child friendly place of excellence, everyone can recognize and achieve their full potential in all areas of their development.


Swoyambhu, Kathmandu
4271693 / 4301917 / 4672295

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