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About Samriddhi School

It is the aim of Samriddhi School to provide K-12 education that every student deserves. We, at Samriddhi School, appreciate diversity and realize that each student is different and should be treated as a unique individual. Our constant endeavor is to help each student realize his/her full potential and discover new horizons in learning.

We believe in bringing out the best in our students so that they can rise to the top ever empowered by a belief in unlimited human potential. At Samriddhi School, creativity is nurtured, with learners being treated as just learners, imbued with a passion for knowledge and discovery and not as rote machines. There are no boundaries for learning and we always encourage trying out new ideas. It’s a school for the 21st century where learning is fun and life-long.

Samriddhi School is committed to inspiring and motivating students to achieve the highest standards of intellectual development as well as personal growth, through a stimulating and comprehensive educational program. In terms of overall academic orientation, we place a pronounced emphasis on Science, Technology, English, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM), along with other domains critical to overall academic achievement and sustained academic excellence

December 2019

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  • Location
    Secondary Wing:
    Near Banasthali Chowk
    Banasthali, Balaju, Kathmandu, Nepal
    Pre-School Wing:
    Opposite to Bhat Bhateni Supermarket, Balaju
    Binayak Basti, Kathmandu, Nepal
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    Phone & E-mail
    Secondary Wing:
    Tel: 01-4383777 / 4384777
    Pre-School Wing:
    Tel: 01-4390590 / 4390591
    Email:Β [email protected]