Philips FC8189/01 (Vacuum Cleaner)


Brand: Philips

Model: FC8189/01 (Vacuum Cleaner)



Color: French Blue



Brand Philips
Model FC8189/01 (Vacuum Cleaner)
Design Color French Blue
Performance Input Power (IEC) 82 GB
Input Power (max) 1200 W
Suction Power (max) 200 W
Filtration Dust Capacity 2 ltr
Exhaust Filter Micro Filter
Dust Bag Type Cotton Bag
Usability Action Reduce 8 m
Cord Length 5 m
Tube Type Plastic 3-P Tube
Carrying Handle Top and Front
Power Control Electronic on Appliance
Dust Full Indicator Yes
Tube Coupling Conical
Wheel Type Rubber
Nozzles & Accessories Standard Nozzle All Purpose Nozzle
Accessories Included Crevice Tool
Small Nozzle
Measurement Weight 3 kg
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