Panasonic SR-WA10 ge9 Automatic Electric Rice Cooker (Burgundy)


Brand Panasonic
Model No. SR-WA 10 (GE9) Burgundy
Capacity 1 ltr
Power 450 W


Compact and Energy-Efficient Cooker- Dish out a variety of rice delicacies like biryanis and pulaos, using the Panasonic SR-WA10 ge9 rice cooker. This automatic rice cooker cooks rice quickly and also retains its nutrient value. The anodised aluminium cooking pan of this cooker absorbs heat fast and saves cooking time, thus proving to be energy-efficient. Being compact in size, this electric rice cooker can be placed conveniently on your kitchen platform or over the counter. Featuring automatic power options, the cooker switches off automatically after the rice is cooked, making it convenient and safe for use.

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