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Monastic School

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Established in the year 1985, Monastic Higher Secondary English Boarding School is a private boarding school in Janakpurdham in Dhanusa district of Nepal. The school that was initially established at a rented house in Bhanu Chowk where it stayed for seven years after which it was shifted to its present location at Dhanushapath, south of the town.

The school named Monastic after the Sanskrit word ‘Gurukul’ which refers to a type of residential school in India where the students lived close to the teachers, was founded by Dr Mithilesh Sah. However, the school does not follow the age old guru-shishya parampara or the teacher-student tradition and is a normal residential school. The co-educational school operates classes from primary level to higher secondary level.

December 2018

good school with highly qualified and dedicated tecahers

Manish kumar Pandey

Looking very beautiful


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