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Galaxy Public School

About Galaxy Public School

The school is headed by the Principal who acts in accordance with the policies framed by a six member apex body called the Governing Body.

The Principal has absolute authority as far management of school is concerned. The Principal appoints the staff, implements the examinations, supports the curriculum and ensures that the school responds effectively to what the parents and the society require of the school. The Principal helps the school maintain a disciplined, orderly atmosphere for teaching and learning.

The Principal is assisted by Head Teachers in academic matters. The school is divided into different wings, such as Pre-School, Primary School, Junior School, Middle School, Secondary School and Higher Secondary School. Each wing has a separate Head Teacher. Besides the Head Teachers, there are Heads of the Science and Technology Department, the Arts, Culture and Sports Department and the Social Service Department.

December 2018

good school with highly qualified and dedicated tecahers

Sakriya Nepal

I haven’t visited there but i have heard a lots of positive comment regarding this school premesis and many more This is the old boarding school in gyaneshwor area Many people have studied here the course of this school is not so complicated Many guardians are satisfied by the education system of this school Many facilities are here which I can’t describe it here .. For more information better to visit school .😊😊

Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends. Thanks for bringing us all together again. It would be amazing if we could make this an annual event.

Prajwal Poudyal

It is one of the best schools in kathmandu. The quality of education is fair. Though the tuition fees are fairly high, the school does maintain its quality. Personally speaking, this school focuses mainly on the practical education involving curricular activities, trainings and so on. Student success rate is high too. Silent surroundings and open space helps the students to learn in a refreshing environment!


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Gyaneshwor , Kathmandu